Young man killed by explosive device planted by Houthi militia west of Marib

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September Net

Local sources confirmed the death of a young man by an explosive device planted by al-Houthi militia, near his home, in Serwah district, west of Marib province.

Saleh Al-Zabali Al-Jahmi was killed by an explosive device planted by al-Houthi militia near his home in Al-Maqsaba area, west of Sarawah district, the sources said.

Houthi militias are carrying out other violations in the area of Al-Maqsba, including the looting of citizens’ homes, the sources noted, adding not only did they loot and steal, but they planted explosive devices near the houses.

The militia mines and improvised explosive devices have put to death the lives of a number of civilians in Sarwa and continue to threaten the lives of hundreds of people.


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