Biography of the Defense Minister Al-Maqdashi


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Name / Mohammed Ali Al-Maqdashi.

Rank / Lieutenant General.

Place of Birth / Dhamar – Yemen.

LTG Al-Maqdashi Joined the Yemeni Army in 1982. On December, 2020 LTG Al-Maqdashi Re-appointed as the Minister of Defense.




2006 College of Warfare Fellowship (First Alumni) Sana’a – Yemen.

1996 Master Degree of Military Science – Joint Arms – Command and Staff College- Sana’a Yemen.

1991 Battalion leaders – Central Security Corps.

1990 Bachelor of law – Sana’a University- Sana’a- Yemen.

1984 Bachelor Degree of Military Sciences – Yemen Military College Sana’a – Yemen. Intake 21.

Several operational and strategic courses.




December 18, 2020. Reappointed Minister of Defense

November 8, 2018 Minister of Defense.

01 -March- 07- November 2018 Acting Minister of Defense.

Adviser & Consultant to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and National

Representative of Yemen at the Decisive storm MHQ, 5-Sep-2017.

4th May 2015 Chief of Staff.

2014-2015 Adviser & Consultant to the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

01 February 2013 to 12 July 2014 Commander of the 6th Military Region.

2012 to April 2013 Deputy Chief of Staff for logistical & technical Affairs.

2008-2012 Commander of the Central Military Region and commander of the 13th infantry brigade .Which is known as third RMC.

2007-2008 Commander of Ataq – Axis Commander of 21 mechanized brigade.

2006- 2007 Commander of 21st mechanized brigade.

2001-2006 Chief of Staff of the 23rd mechanized infantry Brigade.

1999-2001 Chief of operations of the 13th infantry brigade.

1997-1999 Staff War of the border guards- axis of Hudaydah.

1994-1996 Battalion commander of the 4th Infantry Brigade.

1992-1994 Security officer of the 4th Infantry Brigade.

1989-1992 Staff officer of an artillery battalion 4th Brigade.

1987-1989 Sector Commander of Harad and Medi districts, 4th Brigade Aroba.

1986-1987 Chief of Operations of tank batteries, 4th Brigade.

1984-1985 Company Commander- 4th infantry Brigade, Iraq-Iran war.


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