Minister of Defense: Armed forces homeland’s shield, will continue liberation battle


September Net

Minister of Defense Lt. Gen. Mohammed Ali Al-Maqdashi said  Yemeni Armed Forces will remain secured shield for the homeland, committed to liberate all Yemeni soil and preserve its national gains.

He made the remarks Thursday during a meeting with several leaders of Defense Ministry Departments.

The Minister said the national battle and current situation of homeland call for joining efforts and unifying ranks in order to restore state institutions, end coup rebellion and defeat Houthi and Iran’s project.

He pointed out that the key battle is getting back dignity and building a just Yemeni federal sate which brings back Yemen’s happiness and civilized status among nations.

The Minister of Defense stressed imperative of doing national tasks and addressing any administrative shortcomings and committing to manpower and financial connectivity.

He highlighted upgrading institutional structure of military bodies and building capacities of armed forces personnel, providing all necessary needs for the heroes sacrificing their blood for the sake of protecting objectives of Revolution and Republic.

The Minister of Defense praised  efforts of the brothers in the coalition to support the legitimacy led by Saudi Arabia in support of the Yemeni people and their Arab positions to defend Arab national security and to confront the evils of Iran and its subversive tools in Yemen and the region.


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