Hadi: We want Aden a capital for everyone, institutions built, economy recovers

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September Net

President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi told new Cabinet ministers right “we want Aden (to be) a capital for everyone, the institutions to be built and the economy to recover.”

Chairing a high-level meeting with the just sworn-in government in the presence of his deputy and the parliament’s speaker, Hadi also said, “We want to make the security stabilize, counter the coup d’état and provide services to the public.”

“It is true you hail from different parties, groups and geographic regions. But let your first and last concern is the people and the country,” he said.

Hadi said this government comes at a time when everyone has felt that the absence of the government is the “biggest disaster” on the nation.

“I want the government’s first official meeting to be held in the capital Aden urgently. Let our first messages be … that we will work to tackle the legacy of the war, promote the chances of sustainable peace, restore the state, boost the economy and confront the Iran-backed Houthi militia until we force them to yield to peace” and surrender of the state institutions.

Hadi thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for supporting the Yemeni economy and sponsoring the Riyadh Agreement which aims to unify the Yemeni ranks. He emphasized the necessity of alleviating the Yemeni people’s suffering resulting from economic distress and more originally from the Houthi coup.

“You all realize that the Iran-backed Houthi agenda is a danger to all Yemenis without exception, from Saadah to Al-Mahrah.” He said the Houthis want to “copy the Iranian model” into Yemen’s north and south. “This is what our people reject.”


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