NCTAVHR investigates Aden Airport’s crime

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September Net

The National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations to Human Rights or NCTAVHR carried out Thursday a field visit to investigate the incident of attacking Aden International Airport, which killed and injured dozens of civilians.

The commission inspected the rockets, material damages and the destruction of the airport and met with a number of people for taking their testimonies.

The team, which included the Head of the Commission Judge Ahmad al-Muflihi and member Sabah al-Alwani, met with the Director of Aden International Airport Abdullah Karoon, who testified that the attack killed and injured dozens of people, mostly from civilians, and caused huge destruction to the airport.

The team inspected the place of the incident and took samples of the fragments of the rockets, which targeted the airport to be presented to a military expert for defining their sort.

The team also met with a number of journalists and employees, who were present during the incident and listened to their testimonies. The team also visited a number of hospitals in Aden city to meet with the injured people for taking their witnesses.


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