NGOs appeal for an int’l rescue of Taiz villages under Houthi shelling

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A number of human rights organizations have issued appeals to the international community to rescue the Taiz villages of al-Haymah which are constant Houthi siege and heavy shelling since last Wednesday.


The Taiz Human Rights Center and Equality for Rights and Freedoms, two NGOs, have issued separate appeals saying the Houthis are committing “war crimes” against the villages, “shelling” them heavily, “killing civilians,” kidnapping them and destroying houses.


“Over the past two day, the militias shelled the houses and farms with mortar rounds and other heavy weapons which led to the death of seven civilians and injury of 11 others,” said Equality in a statement calling them “crimes against humanity” and demanded the UN Special Envoy and all international rights organizations “to bear their humanitarian responsibility.”


Taiz Human Rights Center said that since Wednesday, the Houthi militia has killed nine people, injured 24 others, kidnapped 45 others, stormed 63 houses, burned three of them, blew up five others, and flattened 13 other houses by heavy shelling.


The Center called on the UN and other international organizations to urgently break the Houthi siege, and deliver humanitarian and medical relief aid to the besieged villagers.


The Center expressed its surprise at the international silence for the Houthi genocidal wars including this attack on al-Haymah. The Center said the ongoing abuses in al-Haymah “amount to war crimes.”


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