Al-Iryani denounces killing, crucifying citizens by Houthis in Haimah

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September Net


Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Mua’mar al-Iryani has denounced Iran-backed Houthi militia’s crimes and violations against citizens in Haimah area, Taiz and killing and crucifying citizens like al-Qaeda and Islamic State.


In a statement to Saba on Friday, al-Iryani said Houthi militia killed citizens after storming villages and houses of al-Haimah and crucified their bodies on the trees in one of their malicious and terrorist crimes.


” This malicious crime reminds us of killing and crucifying Dentist Mutahar al-Yousofi by al-Qaeda at the health center of Assouma’ District, Bayda’a Province,” said al-Iryani adding that the two crimes are conformed.


He demanded the international community and human rights agencies to denounce war crimes committed by Houthi militia and most recent ones of killing and crucifying citizens and destroying and burning their houses.


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