Houthi leader brutally beat old man north Al-Dhale

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September Net


An elderly man has been severely beaten at the hands of Houthi terrorist militia in the north of Al-Dhale governorate.


Local sources told September Net one of the Houthi militias’ supervisors along with his escorts brutally assaulted an elderly merchant using their rifles butts in the district of Damt Northern the province.


The old man just tried to talk to them about their abuses against civilians and this is why they attacked him, the sources added.


According to the sources the incident received wide condemnation from and triggered anger of all citizens since the victim is innocent and elderly who should be treated  well and with respect.


The militia leader Mohammed Almurshi is one of the most militia notorious leaders who arbitrary treat civilians, brutally insult them and forcibly impose huge illegal taxes and levies on ordinary shop owners and small merchants forcing them pay for the militia’s war efforts.


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