Houthi militias force families in Rahaba area to leave homes, kidnap others

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September Net/Marib


The Houthi terrorist militia is carrying out criminal and retaliatory acts against citizens living in the areas of its control in Rahaba district, south of Marib province.


Local sources reported that the rebel militia conducted several raids on villages near fighting frontlines, abducting civilians and forcing families to flee their homes.


The sources said Houthi militia stormed a number of houses of  and kidnapped several civilians, including a 13-year-old child, and forcibly kicked families out if their houses to the open air.


The Houthi terrorist campaign against civilians comes after it suffered heavy defeats over the past week, after the army carried out a qualitative operation to control and restore strategic positions in the Rahaba district, including Kuraida and Al-Nuqm mountains and managed to cut off militia supply lines in the area.


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