Taiz women denounce Houthi militia’s crimes against citizens in Al-Haymah region

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September Net


Dozens of women on Saturday staged a vigil to denounce the horrific crimes committed by the Houthi militia against civilians in Al-Haymah area and nearby villages in northern Taiz province.


The statement of the vigil carried out in front of the governorate building confirmed that the Houthi militia continue to commit the most heinous crimes against civilians, including killing, displacing and blowing up houses in the villages of Al-Haymah, amid silence of the United Nations.


“It is regrettable that all these violations are taking place in before the eyes of the international community and the UN envoy, who did not charge himself with  any condemnation for all these crimes, but made a desperate attempt to defend Houthis and  opposing classifying them as a terrorist group,” the statement read.


The statement considered designing Houthis as terrorist group a valid decision that was long overdue, calling for treating Houthis as a terrorist group and to begin presenting its leaders to international courts.


The women appealed to the international community to do its duty to deter these terrorist acts and called on the Government and the Arab Coalition to take serious action in support of the national army to complete the liberation process, which would rid our people and the region of a group that embraces terrorism and considers killing, displacement, violence and racial discrimination a religious identity and mission.


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