Chief of Army Moral Guidance visits 1st Military Zones, praises heroic roles of its members


September Net

The Chief of Armed Forces Moral Guidance Department Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Ashwal has praised heroic roles of members of the first military region during the difficult circumstances the country has been going through.

He made the remarks during a his visit Monday to the HQ of to the 1st Military Zone in the city of Sieyoon, Hadramaut governorate, where he and his team were received by the commander of the region Major General Saleh Taimas.

In his speech to the officers and soldiers of the region, Brigadier-General Ashwal praised their heroic roles in preserving the property and assets of the Zone, as well as their positioned in the areas , during difficult times that the country has gone and been going through.

For his part, the commander of the first military region, Major General Saleh Taimas, praised this visit, which boosted the morale of the members of the region, stressing that it has had a positive impact on all members of the region who expressed their satisfaction and high morale.

Then the team of the Department of Moral Guidance visited the Office of the Under-Secretary for Valley and Desert Affairs, the Office of Information and Culture, the Office of Endowments and Guidance, Sieyoon Radio station and the Office of Saba Agency, during which they were briefed on the performance and activities through brief explanations provided by the directors of all those offices, all of whom confirmed that this visit represented a moral incentive for all.

They pointed out the need to establish an effective partnership between these offices and the moral guidance department because of its impact on the performance and achievement of its objectives, which comes first and foremost in the face of the cultural activity of the Houthi terrorist militia, which aims to distort the identity of the Yemenis under its control.


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