Yemen calls on int’l community to act in harmony with US terror designation of Houthis

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Yemen has called on the international community to act in harmony with the US’s recent designation of Houthis as a terrorist organization.


The presidency of the Shura Council, the upper house of the Yemeni parliament, said in a statement after a meeting convened today that the international community should “act in harmony with the US” order to “restrict the capabilities” of the Houthi organization, and clamp down on any further armaments to it with a view to “saving the lives of thousands of Yemenis facing its harsh rule.”


The Shura presidency said only such combined efforts “will bring about peace and security and keep Yemen federal and united, and the region will be able to enjoy the sought-after peace and security.”


It confirmed the “importance, fairness and soundness of the US administration’s decision to designate Houthis as a terrorist group.”


It said it sees the terrorist organization label a “precise labelling and we look forward to all parties concerned with peace in Yemen to similarly adopt such designation.”


It said the Houthi atrocities since the militia’s establishment in 2004 are carved in history and “millions of Yemenis have testimonies on them.”


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