30 HR Organizations declare support for Houthi militia’s designation as terrorist group

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September Net

Thirty Yemeni human rights organizations have announced their support for the Houthi militia’s designation as terrorist group.

In a statement, the organizations said the designation was a pressure tool that would prompt the Houthi militia to stop human rights violations, abide by international resolutions, and end its coup against Yemeni legitimate government.

Houthi militia has been waging a brutal war against Yemenis for nearly six years, causing the world’s worst humanitarian disaster, the statement said.

The statement noted the continued violations by the Houthi militia against civilians, including journalists, activists, women and children.

Moreover, the statement stressed that the Houthi militia caused serious damage to the national economy and imposed heavy illegal taxes on businesses and citizens, affecting the lives of millions of Yemenis.


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