Army destroys 5,000 mines and explosive devices planted by Houthi militia in Hajjah


September Net

Army forces on Saturday destroyed 5,000 landmines and an explosive device planted by the Houthi terrorist militia in the northwestern province of Hajjah.

In the last five months, engineering teams from the 5th Military Region have removed mines and improvised explosive devices from liberated areas in the north of the province.

The mines destroyed varied from anti-vehicle mines, individual mines and various-sized explosive devices, as well as explosives planted by the Houthis in barrels of water and placed inside the homes of citizens in the city of Haradh.

More than 42,000 landmines and explosives were removed by army forces in the fifth military zone.

The Houthi rebel militia planted thousands of landmines and improvised explosive devices in residential neighborhoods and highways in various areas under its control, causing hundreds of civilian casualties, mostly women and children.


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