Al-Sa’di warns of Safir tanker’s collapse

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Yemen’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Abdullah al-Sa’di discussed Saturday with the UK Representative to the UN Barbara Woodward via a visual communication latest developments, humanitarian situations in Yemen and efforts of the government for regaining order and state institutions in the country.

The supposed meeting touched upon Iranian destructive agenda in Yemen and Tehran’s support to Houthi rebel militia in stark violations to UN Security Council’s resolutions associated with banning weapons trafficking for prolonging the war in Yemen.

He confirmed government’s support to UN efforts and its envoy to Yemen and its positive dealing with all calls and suggestions for reaching an inclusive and sustainable peace on the bases of the three agreed upon references; the GCC Initiative, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and UN Resolution 2216.

Al-Sa’di talked about Safir Oil Tanker issue and Houthi militia’s stubbornness and hindering access of the UN team to the tanker for evaluating its situation and doing necessary maintenance work and draining it from nearly million barrel of crude oil, pointing out that Houthi militia use this issue for blackmailing the international community and as time bomb to Yemen and the whole region.

He renewed government’s call to international community to change its approach with those militias, calling the Security Council to shoulder its responsibilities and take strict measures against Houthis before potential environmental disaster in the Red Sea to occur soon in the future over Houthi stubbornness.

Meanwhile, the UK representative denounced the terrorist attack, which targeted the government at Aden International Airport, confirming support of her country’s government to UN envoy to Yemen for reaching a peace and working on supporting humanitarian response plan for 2021.


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