Military Commander: Marib warfronts turn into mass grave for Houthi militia’s crowds


September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi terrorist militia continued for the second week in row to suffer successive and painful defeats on various fronts in the outskirts of Marib Governorate.

The Yemeni Armed Forces backed by resistance forces on Sunday caused the militia heavy casualties and material losses as the rebels tried to advance an attack on a number of positions in the province southern frontlines, resulted in killing a number of militiamen and destruction of their combat vehicles.

In Sirwah, west of Marib, the army forces inflicted severe human and materials losses on the militia side and were able to shoot down a explosive drone fired by the terrorist militia towards the military sites.

The 143rd Infantry Brigade commander, Brig. Gen. Dhiab al-Qibly told September Net that the frontlines in south, northwest and west of the province turned to a mass grave that devoured the human herds and rallies of the terrorist Houthi militia, who were sent to the scenes of death and destruction.

Al-Qibly said the crowds of terrorist militias that have been mobilizing in the past months in a desperate attempt to make any progress on the ground on the outskirts of Marib province have become scattered bodies over the mountains, valleys and reefs of the province.

He pointed out that the goal of the armed forces and the popular resistance is not to defeat the militia from the outskirts of Marib, but its ultimate goal is to liberate and restore the entire territory of Yemen from the grip of the rogue Houthi criminal gang, which is now in its last breath.

He praised the great support of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition fighters in targeting the militia reinforcements heading from Sana’a, and other provinces under its control.


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