Marib Police uncover Houthi women cells to carry out terrorist acts in the province


September Net


The Police Department of Marib has unveiled evidences on Houthi recruitment of women and children to carry out terrorist bombings and carry out assassinations in the government-held city.


In a press conference on Sunday, the Director General of Marib Police Brig. Yahya Homeid showed videos of seized women confessing to have been recruited by the Houthis, trained on IEDs and sent to Marib to plant such bombs in the Sports Hall in Marib, the accommodation place for hundreds of wounded army members, in ambulances and in the cars of assassination targets, civilians and military.


Homeid the confessions of the Houthi women cells found that the militia recruit women from poor families, implicate them in honor damaging acts, and hold theirs acts over them as a blackmail method to get them to do what the militia wants.


He said the women cells were assigned to carry out terror acts that bear the same hallmarks of Al-Qaeda’s and ISIL’s acts.


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