As it confronted Houthi militia in 2015, Marib will be the gateway to victory, ending the coup, PM says

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Yemen’s Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik said Marib, the government stronghold under recurring attacks by Houthi militants, “carries the flag of Yemen’s dignity and identity and protects the republic and democratic system.”

Chairing a regular cabinet session, Abdulmalik said Marib dissipates the illusions of the racist militia of Houthis which is beholden to Iran.”

He said, “As it countered the intransigent militia in 2015, Marib will also be the gateway to the major triumph, the ending of the coup d’état and restoring the Yemeni state.”

The prime minister ordered the preparation of a dossier on Marib’s military, humanitarian, medical and social support needs to meet them as the province continues to come under Houthi war.


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