Yemen needs worldwide support for economy to avert catastrophic humanitarian crisis, achieve peace, PM says

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September Net

Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik said Yemen has been enduring harsh economic hardships and needs worldwide support and contribution to the relief actions and the government’s efforts to achieve entomic recovery to stop worsening the humanitarian crisis, without bailing out the national economy and stabilizing national currency the humanitarian interventions can’t stop the ongoing deterioration.

His statement came as he contributed to the discussions of Yemen Donor Conference 2021 held today in New York via video conference with the auspices of the UN, Switzerland and Sweden Kingdom.

Maeen restated that there is no way to manage the humanitarian crisis but achieving peace.

He also reiterated the Yemeni government’s commitment to peace track, readiness to constructively deal with all peace initiatives that lead to sustainable peace based on the GCC’s Initiative, its Executive Mechanism, outcomes of National Dialogue and UNSCRs in relevance, namely 2216.


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