Yemen, UK discuss Houthi aggression on Marib

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September Net

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs for Political Affairs Mansour Bajjash discussed Monday with the Charge D’Affairs of UK embassy in Yemen Simon Smart latest developments in Yemen under Houthi military escalation against Marib.

Bajjash reviewed Houthi terrorist militia’s continuous aggression against Marib, pointing out that Houthi militia shells populated areas, displaced people camps and civil targets and continues recruiting children as soldiers and sending them to die in battlefields.

He made it clear that Marib Province hosts more than two million displaced people from different Yemeni provinces, warning of new humanitarian catastrophe if Houthi aggression against Marib continues.

“Voices raised to stop government forces’ advance in Hodeida and these voices are silent today towards Houthi militia aggression in Marib,” said Bajjash, calling for exerting pressure on Iranian regime and Hezbollah’s militia to stop their support to Houthi militia criminal operations.

He renewed keenness of the government on realizing peace, for which it made many concessions in previous consultations, confirming government’s efforts for realizing peace on the bases of the three agreed upon references; the GCC Initiative, the outcomes of the National Dialogue Conference and UN Resolution 2216.

He touched upon Safir Oil Tanker Issue, stressing significance of integrating efforts for solving this issue and to make Yemen and the region away of environmental and humanitarian disaster.

He called for exerting efforts against Houthi militia to allow to the UN’s team access to the tanker to evaluate it and drain it from crude oil.

For his part, the UK diplomat confirmed his country’s firm position supporting Yemen’s unity, security and stability and for efforts exerted for realizing peace in the country.

He expressed his country’s denunciation to Houthi aggression against Marib, pointing out that the solution in Yemen must be political.



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