Yemen reports to Ethiopia about Houthis’ crime against Ethiopian detainees

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September Net

The Charged’ Affairs of Republic of Yemen’s embassy in Addis Ababa Yahya al-Eryani met today, Friday, with the Head of Middle East Department in the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry Asiy Degni.

Al-Eryani delivered a letter from Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik to the Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr. Aby Ahmed about the gruesome crime committed by Houthi militia against the Ethiopian nationals who were held in the militia’s detention center in the city of Sana’a.

Al-Eryani detailed the Ethiopian official about the Houthis’ crime against the Ethiopian migrants who were subjected to scorching in a detention center in the city of Sana’a under Houthi militia control.

Al-Eyrani voiced the Yemeni government’s condemnation of the crime, held the Houthis fully accountable the hideous criminal act, demanding an international investigation into the incident.

The Ethiopian official appreciated the Yemeni government’s and peoples’ solidarity with the Ethiopian government about this issue; affirming Ethiopia’s support for the legitimate Yemeni government.


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