Yemeni parties salute Taiz gains against the Houthi militia

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September Net


Yemen’s political parties have saluted the gains secured by the army forces against the terrorist Houthi militia besieging Taiz and killing civilians in the central Yemen city for six years.


The National Alliance for Yemeni Political Parties, the joint national umbrella that brings the Yemeni parties together, also saluted in a joint statement President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi for his follow-up on the battle and saluted the Arab Coalition for its support to the national battle to deliver Yemen from the terrorist militia that has devastated the country in six years of wars.


“Everyone has watched how the Yemenis can, through unity, defeat the bloody theocratic Houthi militia and secure gains,” read the statement in reference to the army’s recapture of vast swaths of Taiz from the militia within the past days.


The parties called for more national cooperation to prosecute the mission of breaking the siege on Taiz, end the Houthi terrorist attacks, remove Houthi landmines and liberate the rest of the city.


The parties also called on all Yemeni cities to follow suit of Marib and Taiz in resisting the terrorist militia.


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