Army advances west of Taiz amid heavy losses on militia side


September Net

 The National Army forces, backed by the popular resistance, on Monday made new progress in Maqbanah front, west of Taiz province, amid collapse and heavy human and material losses in the ranks of the Iranian-backed Houthi coup militia.

 The army forces were able to liberate large swathes of territory including mountainous hills al-Zannabil, al-Haddad, Atef and Atroosh.

 The fighting resulted in the killing and injury of dozens of militia men, as well as the destruction of an armored vehicle belonging to the Houthis.

The army’s defenses were able to shoot down a Houthi drone while flying towards their positions in the front.  Meanwhile, army’s engineering team continues to extract and dismantle mines and explosive devices planted by Houthi terrorist militias on main roads and passages leading to villages and residential areas, in preparation for the safe return of residents to their homes.


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