Yemen FM, EU ambassador discuss peace efforts

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September Net

Yemen’s Foreign Minister Dr. Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak, discussed with the Ambassador of the European Union to Yemen Hans Grundberg a number of issues related to the political situation in Yemen and the efforts made to bring peace.

The Minister affirmed that the Yemeni government is keen on peace and is working hard to achieve it and has dealt positively with all initiatives aimed at reaching a lasting and comprehensive peace in accordance with the agreed terms of reference.

He pointed out to the Yemeni government’s immediate welcome of the Saudi ceasefire initiative announced yesterday saying this confirms the government’s seriousness in its endeavor to achieve peace and national reconciliation.

Bin Mubarak said the Houthi militia bear responsibility for the repercussions of not dealing positively with the initiative.

He denounced the militia’s myriad crimes including the latest burning of African immigrants in an illegal detention center, and the habitual indiscriminate bombing of residential neighborhoods and IDPs in Ma’rib civilian areas in Taiz, and the recruitment of children to the militia’s continuous wars.


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