PM receives phone call from the US Secretary of State

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Prime Minister Dr. Maeen Abdulmalik received today a telephone call from the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken .

The telephone conversations dealt with bilateral teis between the two countries, the developments in the Yemeni national landscape, the UN and international good offices aiming to make peace in Yemen and the initiative suggested by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to put an end of the Yemeni crisis.

Dr. Maeen praised robust Yemeni-American bilateral ties, deeply appreciating the US political support and contribution to the humanitarian actions in Yemen, underling the need for the US continuous support for the Yemeni government’s efforts to realize economic recovery and make basic services available to mitigate the humanitarian crisis and bring an end of the war in Yemen.

He reinstated that the government is supporting the ongoing diplomatic efforts to end the war in Yemen and the efforts have been exerted by the US Special Envoy Timothy Lenderking to resume the peace consultations to reach sustainable peace based on the three terms of reference.

He also underscored the importance of Yemen partnership with the US to serve the common security interests of the two countries in countering the radical and terrorist groups.

The Prime Minister stated that the government is fully committed to peace track, to this end it has welcomed the initiative suggested by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He blamed Houthis for prolonging the war.

” Houthis’ intransigence, continuance military escalation on Marib, refusing the idea of cease-fire is the key obstruction to the efforts aiming to bring the war in Yemen to its end”, said Maeen.

He noted that the government gave permission to four ships laden with fuels to dock in Hodeidah harbor in order to help alleviating the peoples’ suffering.

The US Secretary of State praised the Yemeni government’s constructive respond to the Suadi initiative to end the war in Yemen and initiate political process. He also stated that his country is keen to support the Yemeni government so as to remain coherent and competent to do its job.

Blinken affirmed the US full support for Yemen’s unity, security and stability and the government’s efforts to get Riyadh Agreement implemented in full.


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