Marib Humanitarian Conference calls on IC to protect the IDPs

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September Net

Marib Humanitarian Conference launched an appeal for the International Community (IC), International Security Council and the UN High Commission for Human Rights (UNHCHR to intervene to protect the IDPs and civilians in Marib governorate who have been subjected to grave violation and war-crime committed by Iran-allied Houthi militia on a daily basis.

A National Humanitarian Conference on the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in Marib governorate held today here in the city of Marib, the first of its kind.

The gathering organized by March 8 Cluster for Yemen’s Women and the Yemeni Alliance for Non-Partisan Women and the Executive Unit for Managing IDP Camps, all national organizations, intended to shed lights on the grave violations and crimes of Houthi militiamen against the IDPs in Marib governorate, who make up to 60% of the total number of the IDPs in Yemen.

The participants called on the national and regional interested organizations to increase their humanitarian and relief actions and interventions in Marib to help the IDPs in Marib whose number is increasingly growing to the continuous displacement from the Houthi militia controlled regions to Marib governorate.


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