Chief of Staff confirms facilitating challenges before ICRC


September Net

The Chief of Staff, the Commander of the Joint Operations General Lieutenant Sagheer Bin Aziz has confirmed readiness of the ministry of defense for providing different forms of support and facilitating all challenges before the International Committee for the Red Cross for providing humanitarian services.

Receiving the Deputy Head of ICRC’s mission in Yemen David Gutchman on Thursday, Bin Aziz pointed out to Houthi terrorist militia’s crimes against civilians and displaced people in Marib, criticizing the international and UN’s silence towards humanitarian situations in Yemen.

He also pointed out to the huge humanitarian assistances used by Houthi militia to finance its war against Yemeni people while the displaced people in the government-held areas do not get enough care by international organizations.

He confirmed government’s firm position on implementing all international humanitarian laws, calling upon the UN to play its role and denounce Houthi aggression on civilians and displaced people and provide assistances to them and help the government protecting displaced people.

For his part, the ICRC’s official confirmed readiness to cooperate with the government’s institutions for alleviating humanitarian suffering.

He confirmed exchange of remains of people killed by the war as humanitarian and moral responsibility.


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