Yemen: Rising demands to designate Houthis as a terrorist group

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The Houthis’ endless wars and crimes in Yemen is prompting a rise in the demands to designate them as a terrorist group.

The Deputy Governor of Marib Abd-Rabbu Miftah demanded called for “an international designation of Houthis as a terrorist group” in response to their continuous “atrocities against civilians” and non-stopping war on his province.

Speaking in Marib’s First Conference on Human Rights as organized by CSOs, Miftah said,”Marib hosts three million people, more than two million of whom live in 145 IDPs camps scattered across the province.” He said the Houthi “ongoing escalation against Marib poses a real danger to the lives of civilians and IDPs in the province and ushers in a humanitarian crisis of a scale that the international community won’t be able to handle.”

Miftah said hundreds of men and women have been killed and 45 IDPs camps have closed since the beginning of last year as a result of constant Houthi shelling on the IDPs dominated governorate including deliberate targeting of IDPs camps with rockets.

The conference closed with a list of recommendations including a call for international prosecution of the Houthi leaders for their systematic and deliberate killing of civilians by bombardment of neighborhoods and IDPs camps with the use of ballistic missiles, shells, armed drones, landmines and IEDs

They also called on the UN Security Council to force the militia to end its wars.


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