Army keeps making victories in Marib, liberating new areas in Taiz & Hajjah, Army’s Spokesman says


September Net

Army’s Spokesman Brig. Gen. Abdu Mujali said in a press conference that the army forces keep achieving victories in the various fighting fronts, liberating new positions in the Taiz Hajjah provinces.

“The military operations against the Iranian – backed Houthi militia still ongoing in the different battlefield over the country”, he pointed out.

In Serwah front of Marib province, the army backed by coalition fighters succeeded in  thwarting several Houthi militia infiltrations attempts into army’s sites, leaving many militias killed or injured in addition to destroying several vehicles and heavy weapons.

In Taiz fronts, the army launched military operation against Houthi militia’s sites in Maqbanah district, liberating key hills and sites that were controlled by the Houthi militia.

In Hajjah province, the army continues advancing towards al-Rabwah market amid massive collapse among militia’s ranks.

Army’s artillery and coalition fighters bombed also militia’s sites in Abas and Mostaba districts.


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