US imposes sanctions on Houthi leaders over targeting civilians

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September Net

US Treasury has approved decisions on imposing sanctions against two Houthi militia’s leaders accused of targeting civilians.

The sanctions included Mohammad Abdulkarim al-Ghammary, who has led Houthi attacks on Marib and responsible of targeting civilians.

The treasury said Houthi attacks on Marib has been barbaric amid reports on attacks by ballistic rockets affected camps of displaced people.

On separated context, US State Department included the so -called Yusof al-Madani in E.O 13224, as dangerous person posing terrorist threats against US citizens, national security, foreign policy or US economy.

According to US report, al-Madani is prominent military figure and a commander to the Fife Military Region in Hodeida, Hajjah, Mahweet and Raima.


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