VP meets with the US Envoy to Yemen

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The Vice President of the Republic (Lt Gen) Ali Mohsen Saleh met today with the US Special Envoy to Yemen Timothy Lenderking and the Acting- American Ambassador to Yemen Katharine Westley.

The Vice President welcomed the American diplomat and the US administration designation of some Houthi militia leaders as international terrorists, describing the decision as constructive move to press for peace, security and stability in Yemen.

Mohsen highly praised the US constructive role in supporting the legitimate Yemeni government, Yemen’s security, unity, stability and its territorial integrity.

The Vice President recalled the legitimate government’s constructive reactions to every peace proposal and every call for cease-fire and talks, the most recent of all is the Saudi proposal, but the Houthi militia has rejected all initiatives to serve the Iranian policy which dictates the militias’ decision.

Mohsen touched upon the Stockholm Agreement which has not been implemented and the Houthis have taken the advantages of the agreement to mobilize their resources and forces in other regions, namely Marib which has been under aggressive attacks for one and half year.

He blamed Houthi militia’s leadership for misleading the international community about the humanitarian situation, exploiting the Yemeni peoples’ suffering it has created to gain politically and financially.

The Vice President stated that the cease-fire is key move to find out permanent solutions to the humanitarian situations and other problems.

Mohsen also retreated the legitimate government’s keenness on getting the Riyadh Agreement implemented because this is very important for establishing stability and joining efforts to counter the Iranian spoiler scheme in Yemen and the region.

The American envoy pointed out to the ongoing efforts to establish peace, affirming his country’s support for the UN-led peace efforts to achieve security and stability in Yemen.

He also indicated that the Iranian negative role and involvement is continuing, never reduced or changed.

Lenderking reiterated his country’s support for Yemen and the efforts have been made by the UN’s envoy to put an end of the conflict and establish security and stability.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expats. Ahmed Bin Mubarak was in attendance.


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