Rights Radar demands UN probe into risks of constant Houthi targeted attacks on civilians


September Net

Rights Radar foundation, an Amsterdam-based CSO for human rights defense, has called on the United Nations “to adopt an independent probe to assess the risks as a result of the constant targeting of Yemeni civilians by the Houthi” armed militia.

In a statement, the CSO condemned the “horrendous massacre the Houthi militia committed against civilians in the [Yemeni] city of Marib” on Saturday, the results of which attack at least 17 civilians including children were killed.

The Houthi militia, as usual, fired a ballistic missile in the government-held city killing and injuring a number of people and then – by drone strike – killing and injuring more people including the rescue teams that came to collect the victims of the missile.

Rights Radar said the attack on the civilians queuing in an oil station “was deliberate and pre-planned.”

It called on the international community to assume its moral and legal responsibility on these war crimes.


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