PM receives US Envoy to Yemen

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September Net

Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik received today the US Special Envoy to Yemen Timothy Lenderking.

The meeting intended to discuss the latest developments about the ongoing regional and international good offices to push peace in Yemen.

The UN’s proposed proposals for peace, what the UN and international community need to do to press for peace, the government’s constructive response to the peace endears and its efforts to alleviate the peoples’ suffering were key focus of Ma’een’s deliberations with Lenderking.

The Prime Minister expressed Yemen’s appreciation for the US administration supportive stance in support of the Yemeni government and people. He described the recent American sanctions on the entities which used to help fund Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Qods Force (IRGC-QF) and the Houthis in Yemen as a positive step to press for peace.

Ma’een reiterated the Yemeni government’s support for the US envoy and the UN’s efforts intended to make peace in Yemen.

He blamed Houthi militia’s military escalation and attacks on the civilians amid regional and international mediations intensified to push the peace process. He said that upon an Omani delegation visit to push peace, the militiamen fired ballistic missiles and drones on the civilians in Marib, a very negative sign showed that the militia won’t come to peace.

” A genuine peace track should start with actually cease-fire, fully commitment to the peace requirements under UN’s sponsorship, otherwise the militia as usual it will only take the advantage of the truce to rearrange its forces to wage a new warfare”.

Ma’een touched upon the ongoing discussions sponsored by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to get the Riyadh Agreement implemented in full.

Lenderking appreciated the Yemeni government’s constructive response to the peace efforts, affirming the US support for the Yemeni government.


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