Houthi militia suffers heavy losses west of Marib


September Net

 Houthi militia on Monday suffered heavy human and material losses in battles with the Yemeni armed forces backed by popular resistance in Al-Kassarah and Al-Mashjah fronts west of Marib province.

 A military source said that the army failed Houthi militia’s attempts to infiltrate towards military positions west of Marib, killing, wounding, and capturing a number of militants.

 Moreover, army artillery shelled Houthi gatherings and movements, killing and wounding a number of them and destroying a number of combat crews, the said.

 Meanwhile, the Arab coalition destroyed two combat vehicles carrying Houthi reinforcements, killing all those on board. Coalition warplanes targeted Houthi gatherings west of Marib, causing heavy loss of life and equipment in the rank of the militia.


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