Ceasefire is the most important humanitarian step, says Yemen FM

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Yemen’s Foreign Minister Dr. Ahmed Awad Bin Mubarak, said, “A comprehensive ceasefire on the country’s level is the most important humanitarian step that must be achieved in order to address all issues and go to negotiations [ with Houthis].”

In a meeting with the Yemeni-German Friendship Association here today, Bin Mubarak gave an overview on the latest developments in Yemen, especially the Houthi incessant war, grave humanitarian abuses and the militia’s overall exacerbation of humanitarian crisis and political exploitation of it afterwards.

Bin Mubarak pointed to the militia’s continued aggression against Marib, the high frequency of violations against civilians and IDPs, and the increased targeting of civilian objects and residential areas with ballistic missiles to satisfy their vengeful for failure to achieve gains in the ground battles.

Bin Mubarak expressed his hope that the German friends would contribute to conveying a realistic picture of the reality of the situation in Yemen to deter these militias and end their hijacking of the future of Yemenis in the militia’s areas of control.


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