Army’s spokesman reviews military operations in Al-Bayda & Marib


September Net

Yemen’s armed forces spokesman Brig. Gen. Abdo Mugali on Tuesday reviewed the latest military operations in Al-Bayda and Marib provinces.

Mugali said that the army in Al-Bayda province has achieved great victories in several combat axes, where it completed the liberation and securing of Al-Zaher, al-Khalwa and Al-Rawda districts, approaching the city of Al-Bayda, the capital.

He referred to the panic experienced by the Houthi militia who fled the battlefield to the city of Dhamar and the capital Sana’a.

 “The army was able to liberate and secure Al-Zaher district, killing and wounding dozens of Houthis, and recovering heavy, light and medium weapons, including two BMP vehicles and various quantities of equipment and ammunition,” he said.

 Mugali said the Arab coalition supporting Yemeni government has carried out raids targeting the sites and gatherings of the Houthi terrorist militia in al-Malajim district.

 Moreover, Arab coalition fighters have an active role in destroying Houthi capabilities, carrying out dozens of air strikes on the fronts of Marib province, he said.


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