Army’s Chief of Staff: Marib is the will & spirit of all Yemenis who yearn for freedom & building national state


September Net

 Lt. Gen. Saghir bin Aziz, Army’s Chief of Staff and Commander of Joint Operations, said that the next phase is full of many victories, considering the current military operation in Al-Bayda province a message on the arrogance of the Houthi enemy, reassuring Yemenis that Marib will not fall.

 Lt. General Bin Aziz explained in an interview with “Al_Sharq Al-Awsat” newspaper that Marib today represents the will and spirit of the Yemeni people who yearn for freedom and building a national state.

 Bin Aziz said the city of Marib, which is populated by civilians and millions of displaced people over the past few months, has been hit by more than 60 ballistic missiles and dozens of bomb-laden drones.  Bin Aziz said it is time for Yemenis to unite their efforts to confront the Houthi militia, pointing out that the current military operation in Al-Bayda is a clear sign of the unity of all national forces.


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