UNHCR Report contradicts reality in Al-Jawf, misinforms local & international opinion, Relief Subcommittee in Al-Jawf says

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 Contradicting to the international laws on which UNHCR was founded and the law of operation in Yemen, UNHCR has come up with a report that already supports the Houthi militia.

 The report, issued by UNHCR on April 29, entitled “Humanitarian and displacement situation in Al-Jawf governorate, Yemen,” contained false figures and statistics.

 The report claimed that 1,255,000 IDPs have been displaced to Al-Jawf province, coming from Sa’da, Hajjah and Omran provinces and 90,000 special hardship cases and cash assistance were distributed to them.

 It also claimed that 4,600 families had displaced from Marib to Al-Jawf in April 2020.

 In response to UNHCR report, the Relief Subcommittee in Al-Jawf held a press conference early last week, in which it revealed the fallacies of UNHCR.

 Al-Jawf province’s undersecretary, and chairman of the relief subcommittee, Eng. Abdullah al-Hashidi, said, the talk by UNHCR about the displacement movement from Marib to Al-Jawf was a major misinformation, stressing that this did not happen.

 “UNHCR’s claim, distributing special hardship case and cash assistance to 90,000 IDPs in Al-Jawf, is not believable because only 5,000 cash assistance cases had been distributed in Marib, while 60% of all Yemen’s IDPs here in Marib,” he added.

 Al-Hashidi explained that the humanitarian situation in Al-Jawf is very difficult, and humanitarian work is required, but with precise mechanisms and standards, all donors should know where their money went.

 The Relief Subcommittee considered that everything in the UNHCR report was not based on standards of accuracy and humanitarian action.

 It explained that the UNHCR report serves Houthi militia by politicizing humanitarian assistance, exploiting it to support its battles against the Yemeni government, finance its terrorist activities, and deny those who are genuinely entitled to it.

 The committee confirmed that there has been no displacement to Al-Jawf since the invasion of Al-Hazm and neighboring districts in early March 2020, noting that the actual displacement movement, which was not mentioned in the report, was from the city of Al-Hazm and the neighboring districts to the safe areas in Khab Al-Shaaf, Al-Anan districts and Marib.


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