FM participates in mid-term meeting of Non-Aligned Movement

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Yemen’s Foreign Minister participated today, via video communication technology, in the mid-term meeting of foreign ministers of the Non-Aligned Movement, which will be hosted by the Azerbaijani capital, Baku, during the period from 13 to 14 July.

In his speech on behalf of the country, Dr. Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak affirmed that the Yemeni government will remain keen to achieve peace and stability on its soil and for that reason it has made concessions after concessions for the sake of peace and saving blood and dealt positively with international and regional peace initiatives, the latest of which are the initiatives proposed by Saudi Arabia and the United Nations.

The minister however pointed to the Iran-backed Houthi militia’s continuous rejection all of those initiatives and continuous attack on Marib Governorate including with ballistic missiles and drones, targeting innocent civilians, children, women and IDPs.

Bin Mubarak called the international community to condemn the continued Houthi targeting of civilian people and civilian facilities in the governorates of Marib, Al Bayda, Taiz, Al Hudaydah and Al Dhale’, and civilian objects in Saudi Arabia, and the continued endangering of international shipping lanes with sea mines and booby-trapped boats, with explicit support from the Iranian regime.

On Palestine, Bin Mubarak affirmed that the Palestine is the core cause for the stability of the Middle East region, and it should be given priority in the Non-aligned Movement’s deliberations.

He expressed the Yemeni condemnation of the continuous Israeli attacks that target the people of Palestine and Israeli constant attempts to Judaizing the city of Jerusalem, change the existing legal and historical status of the city and its holy sites, distort its Arab and Islamic character, change its demographic structure, and impose new facts on the ground through the confiscation of Palestinian lands, and building of thousands of new settlement units in Palestine.


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