Houthi militia suffers heavy human & material losses northwest Marib


September Net

The Artillery of the Yemeni National Army on Saturday evening targeted gatherings and movements of the Iran-backed Houthi militia in the northwestern of Marib Province.

The shelling targeted reinforcements and crowds of the militia in Alkasarah and Mezam Mas fronts north of Marib, resulting in heavy material and human losses on the militia’s side.

Meanwhile, Yemeni National army forces managed to shoot down two explosive-laden drones fired by the Houthi militia in Serwah front, west of Marib.

The Arab Coalition fighters targeted and destroyed Houthi militia’s reinforcements in Almashjah front.

The Yemeni army backed by Coalition fighters continue attacking Houthi militia sites and destroying its reinforcements on several warfronts, causing major losses in life and equipment among the militia.


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