Military Court sentences Houthi militia’s leader, 173 others, classifying the militia as a terrorist movement


September Net

Military court in Marib province has issued Wednesday a death sentence against Houthi militia’s leader and 173 others in addition to classifying the group as a terrorist movement. The verdict stated that the perpetrators shall be executed by gunshots.

Headed by the Chief of the Military Court in 3rd Military Zone, Judge Akeel Taj Aldeen, in the presence of the Military Prosecutor Judge Salah Al-Qumairi on charges topped by  carrying out a military coup against the Republican Regime and the legitimate authorities and espionage for a foreign country (Iran), committing military offences and war-crimes.

The Court also ruled that Houthi Group is a “Terrorist Criminal Group”, its actions shall be banned, its properties confiscated and, disarmed, all military equipment , weapons and ammunitions shall be handed over to the Ministry of Defense.

The Court also decided that the Islamic Republic of Iran shall be prosecuted before the International Criminal Justice for its involvement in the Houthi militia’s relevant crimes.

The Court also ruled that the Government should be obliged to develop a comprehensive national strategy to eliminate discrimination among Yemenis.


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