Houthi militia kills 61 forcibly disappeared persons, Report says

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September Net

Iran-allied Houthi militiamen are blamed for killing 61 of the forcibly disappeared persons over the five past years according to activists’ reports.

The Association of the Mothers of the Abductees and Forcibly Disappeared Persons (AMAFDP) reported that 40 enforced disappeared persons were killed under torture while 21 persons were used by the militiamen as human shields, the victims were held in places were seen as military targets by the Arab Coalition Forces.

The AMAFDP organized here in the city of Marib today a seminar on the International Day for the Victims of the Enforced Disappearance. It reported that there are still more than 104 persons among of them a woman have remained enforced disappeared in the Houthi militia detention centers in several governorates.

There are also 47 civilians are forcibly disappeared held in the confinements in the temporary capital Aden controlled by Security Belt Forces which affiliate to the South Transitional Council.


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