Information Minister : the 21st of September is ill-omened day to Yemen

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Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism Muamar al-Eryani has said that the 21st of September 2014 is the day, which Houthi militia stormed the Capital Sana’a under the pretext of political partnership and toppling the dose (an increase of oil price made by the government).

The militia seized the state’s institutions, imposed house arrest on the president, controlled the government and their march was launched from Sa’ada’s caves, he said.

In this ominous day Yemen has witnessed the worse setback in its history since the 26th of September Revolution against Imamate Rule in 1962, said al-Eryani in a statement to Saba on Tuesday.

The militia tries to rule Yemen and impose its hegemony on Yemeni people and make Yemen under Iranian regime’s agenda, he said.

He pointed out that the militia has committed the worse malicious crimes against Yemeni people, has killed and kidnapped hundreds of thousands of Yemeni people, even women were not excluded from Houthi militia killing, and were subjected to different forms of torture and even sex assault.

He added that the militia looted public treasury and cash reserve, seized public and private funds, stopped paying salaries of the e government employees, destroyed economy, deprived hundreds of thousands of people from their jobs and looted assistances from mouths of the hungry.

The militia bombed houses of their rivals and looted their funds, destroyed the infrastructure, hindered public services like water and electricity and stopped development, he said.

He added that the militia recruited dozens of thousands of children, taking them forcibly from their houses and schools to the death massacre. They even recruited girls, women and African refugees.

He pointed out that Houti militia planted the greatest number of mines and explosives since the Second World War randomly in cities, villages, public places, farms, markets and even houses, killing and injuring dozens of thousands of innocent civilians.

The terrorist Houthi militia has willingly humiliated all Yemeni people and belittled them in their seventh anniversary of their ominous coup against the state by slaughtering nine people from Hodeida Province, one of them was a child, in a criminal scene similar to those of al-Qaeda and Daesh, he said.


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