Marib: Houthi ballistic missile attacks kill, injure 35 civilians, mostly children and women

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September Net

At least 2 kids were killed and 33 civilians mostly children and women injured in ballistic missiles fired by the Iran-backed Houthi militias in Marib city, east of Yemen, on Sunday, local sources said to September Net.

The ballistic missiles landed on houses in Al-Rwadah neighborhood in Marib city which killed two children and wounded 33 other civilians including four women and five children. The source said the injuries are between mild and life-threatening.

Twelve houses were damaged, four of them entirely and eight cars were destroyed. “The search for survivors in the buildings’ rubble is going on,” said a local source.

The source expected the death toll to increase as some of the wounded are in serious conditions.

Among those sustaining serious wounds are girls Asimah Masood, 12, Hamas Hassan, 16, Wesam Hassan, 15, and a male (seven-months-old Rayan Yahya).

The Houthi militia have in the past days intensified ballistic missile shelling on Marib, a province densely populated by hundreds of thousands of civilian escapees from the terrorist militia’s crackdown. Over the past six days, the militia have fired six 15 ballistic missiles on the city and outskirts of Marib.


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