Dozens of Houthi militants killed west & south of Marib


September Net

 Yemeni armed forces (YAF) backing by popular resistance on Saturday, thwarted the Iran-back Houthi militia attacks, west and south of Marib, killing dozens of militiamen, a military commander told September Net.

 Houthi militia launched desperate attacks on Al-Kassrah, Al-Mashjah, and Abdiyah fronts, as well as the southern front of the province, with the aim of making any progress on those fronts. However all attack were thwarted by army ,he added

 Earlier on Saturday army artillery targeted and destroyed Houthi militia’s reinforcements in the same fronts.  In the context, Arab coalition fighters bombed militia’s positions and gatherings southwest of Marib, killing and injuring a number of Houthi militants and destroying their combat vehicles.


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