Al-Eradah, US envoy discuss Houthi militia escalation on Marib

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September Net

Governor of Marib Sultan al-Eradah and the American Envoy to Yemen Timothy Lenderking held virtual discussions over developments in the governorate amid Houthi militia ongoing military escalation on Marib and the militia’s crimes and grave violations against the civilians.

The governor reported about Houthi militia’s military operations on the governorate since 2015, citing the continuous military escalations since more than two years, blaming the International Community (IC) for being too lenient with Houthi militia’s atrocities and violations against the civilians in the governorate which hosts millions IDPs.

He stated that Houthi militia doesn’t believe in peace, nor cares about IC calls for peace, blaming the Iranian regime’s interventions in Yemen internal affairs and Iranian Revolutionary Guards involvement for prolonging the war, as it is up to them to decide the militia’s actions.

The governor stated that the 37 thousands inhabitants of al-Abdia District have been metrically besieged, subjected to aggressive shelling by heavy weapons including ballistic missiles, tanks, even the only single hospital in the district was bombarded .

The American envoy condemned the militia’s recent military escalation on the governorate of Marib, Shabwa and Albaidha, denouncing the blockade on al-Abidia.

He also decried deliberately and recurrent ballistic missiles and drones attacks on the civilians, residential areas and IDPs in Marib.


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