Cabinet endorses emergency interventions plan in military, economy

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September Net

The Council of Ministers has approved an emergency interventions plan in the two domains of military and economy to respond to the pressing needs in these crucial fields.

The Cabinet endorsed the emergency plan in its session today convened in the temporary capital Aden presided over by the Prime Minister Dr. Ma’een Abdulmalik.

To put the plan in place the Cabinet has set-up two ministerial committees chaired by the Prime Minister.

For the economic track the emergency plan aims to improve revenues, regulate financial market, control currency market and prevent economic collapse.

The Council of Ministers has welcomed the responsible discourse of brigadier Tariq Saleh in which he underscored the importance of unifying the national front to counter Houthi militia, reinstate the Republic and official state under legitimate leadership headed by President Hadi, backed by Saudi-led Arab Coalition.


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