Al-Barakani calls on UN envoy to covey clear picture on Taizi people’s suffering

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Parliament Speaker Sultan al-Barakani has called upon UN Envoy to Yemen Hans Grundberg to convey clear picture on suffering of people in Taiz and other provinces over Houthi militia’s war on Yemen and exchanging democracy with sectarianism and brainwashing of youth and students.

In his comments via a telephone call during the meeting of the UN Envoy with a number of Parliament Members in al-Turbah City, Taiz Province on Tuesday, al-Barakani pointed out that Taiz owns political record and is considered Yemen’s Cultural Capital as a Key province has effective national changes and must be present in the UN’s reports and discussions.

He pointed out to sporadic shelling by Houthi militia on populated neighborhoods of Taiz, killing and injuring civilians and the militia’s siege on the city and blocking main roads of the province, which added huge burdens on the people in transportation and carrying their basic goods.

Meanwhile, MPs Abdulkarim Shaiban, Abdulsalam al-Dahbali, Ali al-Worafi and Mohammed al-Asali talked about crimes and violations of human rights, rejecting dialogue on opening roads linking the city’s west with its east, and continuous shelling of neighborhoods by Houthi militia amid silence of the UN and its organizations.

The MPs called for greater role for the UN and the UN and US envoys towards suffering of Taizi people and to take swift measures to alleviate this suffering, easing transportation of citizens and exerting pressure to open Hawban-City Road as a humanitarian track.


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