Vice President phones defense minister on latest developments


September Net

Vice President Ali Mohsen Saleh phoned Sunday Minister of Defense Mohammed al-Maqdashi on latest field developments and conditions of hero fighters in different warfronts.

He listened from defense minister to short report on field situation and heroic accomplishments of fighters in facing Iranian-Houthi militia’s coup, praising popular resistance and tribesmen of Marib in their struggle for protecting the republican system and beating the militia.

Praising Saudi-led Coalition for supporting Yemen in its battle against the Iranian agenda in Yemen, vice president confirmed that Yemeni people have confidence that the victory against Iranian agenda is approaching, calling for more integration against this enemy of Yemen and Yemeni people.

For his part, al-Maqdashi pointed out to high fighting morals of the heroes of the national army, the popular resistance and tribesmen for defeating Houthi militia and its Iranian sectarian agenda.


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