VP meets with Army’s Chief of Staff


September Net

Vice President Lt. Gen Ali Mohsen Saleh met Monday with the Chief of Staff, the Commander of the Joint Military Operations Maj. Gen. Sagheer bin Aziz.

The meeting aimed to discuss the latest developments related to combat operations in the different front-line battles over the country.

The Chief of Staff briefed the Vice President on the advancements have been made by the troops in the battles against Iranian-Houthi militia’s coup, praising popular resistance and tribesmen of Marib in their struggle for protecting the republican system and beating the militia.

Vice president valued Saudi-led Coalition roles and support for Yemen in its battle against the Iranian agenda, confirming that Yemenis have confidence that the victory against Iranian agenda is approaching, calling for more integration against this enemy of Yemen and Yemeni people.

Lt Gen Mohsen praised the progress realized, urging the military to keep on advancements until rebellious militias are driven out from all regions.


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